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Jul 16, 2009 at 10:38 AM

Text Translation - Is Batch Input Possible


Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a way of performing a batch load of translated texts?

Our system needs to support a new logon language for a foreign site (as well as the current languages).

We need to create translations of the Z messages, Z program texts etc. to support the additional logon language.

The text data has been extracted and sent to an external company for translation, we were hoping to be able to perform a batch load of the returned texts (currently in an excel spreadsheet).

However, SE63 does not support batch input, and if we attempt to logon in the new language to input the texts directly, SAP insistes that we change the original language which we do not wish to do.

Some of the older objects originated in a previous system, so for them we cannot change the original language if we wanted to.

Any ideas?