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Jul 16, 2009 at 08:44 AM

Reg:- Issue with Leave Deduction in ESS Leave Request


Hi All,

We are facing the following issue in the Leave Request module in ESS (ess~lea):

Currently, there is a requirement from the customer that when the Leave Type is chosen as Paid Holiday - Early/AM (Subtype: 0110) or Paid Holiday - Post/PM (Subtype: 0120), we have to hide The Time field (which contains Begin and End Times) in the first Screen (Edit form Screen). On clicking the Review button, we are calling a custom RFC to which the User ID, Subtype and Date of Leave are passed as the import parameters. This custom RFC returns the Begin and End Times depending on the import parameters passed. These Begin and End Times (returned from the custom RFC) are then mapped to Begin_Time and End_Time context attributes under "Workitem" context node and will be used for all further processing.

However, the problem is that on clicking the Review button, the leave to be deducted is calculated as 1 Days instead of 0.5 Days (for Subtypes - 0110 and 0120 only). How can we make sure that the leaves deducted is 0.5 Days in both Review (second) and Confirmation (third) screens?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,