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Jul 16, 2009 at 08:37 AM

Extractor: Delta process "No serialization required"


Hi BI experts

We us a datasource running with delta process NEWE. Table RODELTAM consists of an attribute DREQSER which describes the serialization request of a delta process.

In our case the "No serialization required".

In our BI-System a DSO is provided with delta requests.

If we delete the initialisation for this datasource in the BI target system, create a new intialisation with a different selection, there should be no problem regarding the "serialization". Am I correct?


Old initialisation: BUDAT 01.01.2005 to 31.12.9999

New Initialisation: BUDAT 01.01.2006 to 31.12.9999

Thanks for any reply...

The documentation says:

Note for ODS objects:

If the delta process for your DataSource requires serialization, after deleting the initialization and performing a new initialization, you can no longer post this init request into the previously supplied ODS object like you can with subsequently requested delta requests. This is because the old inits and deltas still exist there.

The system recognizes that, in the meantime, there are new inits and deltas that are not yet posted in the ODS object and requires that they be posted. However, the selections of the new inits overlap with the selections of the old inits that still exist in ODS, so that the new inits cannot be posted.

If the delta process for the DataSource requires serialization, the system does not activate the newly loaded inits or deltas in the ODS object.

In this case, after init administration has been deleted, you also have to delete the data from the ODS objects that was loaded with these inits and their subsequent deltas, before you can activate new inits and deltas.

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