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Jul 16, 2009 at 07:22 AM

Problem with Parallel Dynamic Block


Dear All,

I am facing an issue in Parallel Dynamic Block.

Let me explain clearly what i am doing.

My Process Structure as follows


->Sequential Block


--->Parallel Dynamic Block


>Sequential Sub Block




My scenario is Parallel Dynamic Block should be Completed and controll moves to Action3.

Completed in sense all users who are assigned with Action2 task has to get completed.

When i tried to set Result state of Action2 as 'Terminal' to complete the action. i am getting GPEngineException while initiating the process.

Please tell me how to complete the action in ParallelDynamicBlock so that control moves to Action3.

I will tell u what i have done in step by step:


In parallel Dynamic Block parameters are Multilineinput and Multilineoutput.

i have done grouping of parameters in Main Sequential Block for all actions and parameters of Parallel Dynamic Block by using ProposeConsolidation.

i will provide the code how i am executing for intiation of process.

//Instantiating an IGPUserContext for the Logged-In User 
                        IWDClientUser wdUser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser(); 
                        IUser user = wdUser.getSAPUser(); 
                        IGPUserContext userContext =  GPContextFactory.getContextManager().createUserContext(user); 
                       IGPProcess process =GPProcessFactory.getDesigntimeManager().getActiveTemplate(processId,userContext);  
                        IGPRuntimeManager rtm = GPProcessFactory.getRuntimeManager(); 
                        IGPProcessRoleInstanceList roles = rtm.createProcessRoleInstanceList(); 
                         int rolenum = process.getRoleInfoCount(); 
//After adding all users to role instances i am not showing the code here due to space consumption
                       IGPStructure output = GPStructureFactory.getStructure(process.getInputParameters());
                       IGPStructure struct_ddptsStatus_out = output.addStructure("DDPTSStatus");
             IGPProcessInstance prInstance = rtm.startProcess( process, user,roles, output, user); }