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Jul 16, 2009 at 03:26 AM

image control in VC7.0


Hi all,

I'm using VC7.0 SP17. Got a few questions that i find it difficult to find info on the net. Hope u could help to solve them.

1. I was about to add an image on my view as a banner/logo. According to the tutorial steps: click on layout tab > drag the image control on the compose task panel into my storyboard. but i dont see any image control on the compose task panel even my compiler is set to flash, flash (flex 2), nor web dynpro.

However, im able to add an image in my form view whereby i create a new field which is of type image. but that is not what i want.

is the image control available only VC7.1?

2. my model

[input form] --- [data service1] --- [chart view] --- [data service 2] --- [table view]

once i submit the input parameters in my input form, it calls data service1 n generate a chart view. but before i click on the chart view, it immediately load the data into the table view. is there anyway i can control the loading of data into the table view??