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Jul 15, 2009 at 08:25 PM

Cannot generate and find the include Routine in saplv61A


Hi all,

I am not sure if i have created the routine correctly using VOFM/ Formula/ Condition Value. I have a new routine 992 which i got it created and put my own coding. Then i activated it. Then open the routine, I goto Program / Generate. At first, no message came out. Somehowafter a few times, i got the message "Program SAPLV61A successfully generaeted".

However, when I do a seach to see where this routine is found, i got mesage " Include RV64A992 was not found in Program".

WHen i go to RV64ANNN, i saw the 'Include RV64A993' which is in saplv61A.

So what did I do wrong ? Why i could not search the program ?