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SCN: UI issues after last changes

Nov 16, 2016 at 08:26 AM


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I posted this question to this component because I couldn't find a suitable component (if such exist).

Since last changes to the SCN web site, we are having few problems:

  1. How to post a question to a certain community. We are, for example, want to post a question to the SAPUI5 community. When we access that community we see the question, but can't see any button/option that allows me to post a question.
  2. When posting a question through profile icon "Ask a Question" option, we wanted to tag our question with SAPUI5 tag but couldn't find such a tag.
    We even downloaded the Excel file tags and search and found nothing.

By the way, there is link on the main Community page with title "How do I Post a Question", which yield "Page not found" error.


Ayal Telem.

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Steve Rumsby
Nov 16, 2016 at 03:02 PM

Yes, there's no "ask a question" button on the community pages. Nor a "post a blog" button. I agree that's a little odd. And annoying.

The correct tag for SAPUI5 questions is, I believe, "UI development toolkit for HTML5", here -


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Former Member

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the helpful info regarding the Tag.

I'm still in the mist regarding how to open a question inside a Community.

Also, I don't exactly understand the connection/relationship between the Tags (mainly the main one),

and a Community. Isn't it a little redundant?



Jerry, below, shared this link to a guide to asking questions - and If you still aren't sure after reading that guide, please come back and ask for clarifications.

Tags exist purely to separate the content by topic, so that you can look just for questions or blogs related to subjects of interest to you and not have to read everything. There's no direct connection to the concept of community. Community is all of us working to help each other.


Jerry Janda
Nov 16, 2016 at 03:48 PM

Hi, Rachel:

I believe Steve answered most of your questions (especially about tags), in which case I would like to mark his response as "Accept." If you need more details, could you please let us know?

To add a bit more:

Best regards,


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