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Jul 15, 2009 at 03:45 PM

Delta extraction for a generic datasource


Hi BWers,

I want put in Delta the extraction of a generic datasource.

Currently this generic datasource is based on the table VBPA (Sales Document: Partner). Any time field exists.

We need a time field in order to converse to a Delta extraction. This time field exists in the table VBAP (Sales Document: Item data). In fact two time fields exist: one which is filled at the creation of the sales order (ERDAT), another at the change of the sales order (AEDAT).

The fields VBELN, POSNR and MANDT are keys in the tables VBAP and VBPA.

The table VBAP changes when partner functions is created or changed in a sales order (VBELN) :

- When it is a creation of a new sales order (with new partner functions), a new record is created in VBAP and the field ERDAT (Created on) is filled. The field AEDAT (Changed on) is empty.

- When is a change of an existing sales order, the corresponding record in VBAP changed, and the field AEDAT is filled. ERDAT stays unchanged.

In order to converse to the Delta extraction, i need a only one time-field (calendar day) in RSO2 / Generic Delta.

But there is 2 time-fields ERDAT and AEDAT. So i just need to get AEDAT if it is filled, else if AEDAT is empty I will get ERDAT.

I would base my datasource on a view between VBPA and VBAP with one field which will be filled by AEDAT or ERDAT (with the conditions below). But it seems it is not possible.

Can you give me other ideas ?

Thanks a lot.