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Sep 07, 2018 at 07:11 AM

SAP_PP_004 | Planning of Standard Lots in 3 Horizons | Using Max Lot Sizes


We want to use SAP_PP_004 [

Planning of Standard Lots in 3 Horizons] with the following settings:

[Short Term] Lot Sizing Procedure from Product Master (Daily/Lot for Lot)

[Medium Term] Periodic Lot Sizing (Weekly)

[Long Term] Periodic Lot Sizing (Monthly)

The issue we have is we are using max lot sizes on the product master (example 100 EA) and the demand is for example 100 EA every day.

Short term we get 1 order a day for 100EA which is great.

Medium Term we want periodic lot sizing of weekly resulting in one order for 700 to cover the full weekly requirement.

However because we are using max lot sizing we still get 7 planned orders at a single point in the week.

There's a BADI [Change Data for PP Heuristics] does anyone know if it's possible to use this BADI to change the lot sizing behaviour so it ignores max lot sizing in the medium and long term horizon?

Alternative any other suggestions would be welcome.