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Lookup from DSO to Cube not working

Hi BW experts,

I need urgent help and will appreciate your answer.

I created a data model in SAP BW and need to bring in Version ID. The version ID is not available in the data source being used, but we have a separate DSO in which I have that version ID field therefore I have added a field called version Id in my cube and created a field routine in the transformation to look it up so it can look for version ID from that DSO.

The fields in the DSO (key fields) are in the screenshot below.

I have written the following logic in the field routine

but unfortunately this logic is not populating the version ID from DSO into my infocube as the field "version id" is coming blank even after reloading the data. Note that version ID is being populating in the DSO perfectly fine but not coming to cube due to the wrong syntax.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the ABAP logic/syntax and will appreciate if you advise the correct one.


capture.jpg (26.9 kB)
capture.jpg (27.9 kB)
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  • You urgently need to debug your routine and see if the variable RESULT contains anything. Also check that the values in source_fields-workcenter, material, plant and fiscper match any data in the DSO.

    Also, you urgently need to understand that if the ABAP is syntactically incorrect, you won't be able to activate the transformation. You will get an error. If the ABAP is syntactically incorrect, and you try to run the DTP, you'll just use the old flow.

    Also - you should first buffer the required data in the DSO in the start-routine, into an internal table. Then simply read the table in your field routine. Selecting directly in the field routine is likely to result in poor performance. If you don't know how to do this, then you need to find an ABAP developer with BI experience.

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