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Sep 06, 2018 at 12:31 PM

Personas Slipstream - Any advice on preventing the wait indicator?

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We are running Personas 3.0 SP7. I'm in the process of creating new flavors for Slipstream. So far, they are all being designed to display on a PC or laptop (no mobile flavors yet).

Slipstream uses two indicators when it is busy/loading; it fades the screen (which makes it flash in my case because I have a darker background) and shows a rotating circle.

My issue is that this seems to occur often - too often in my opinion. I opened an incident with SAP on this, but I was told "Our development team confirmed that this is expected behavior. It is the busy loading indicator. It is shown only if the http request takes longer than a threshold time length. And removed when the http request is completed."

That is fine when I'm switching between flavors, but I'm also getting it on actions that I don't think I should. For instance, I'm using ViewPorts to hide and show groups of Fiori-style tiles on SMEN. This worked fine (no screen flashes) until I added the following line of JavaScript to the onAfterRefresh event (I can't use onLoad as that event does not fire when switching between viewports).

session.findById("wnd[0]/titl").text = session.utils.get("SMEN_Heading");

As you can see, all I'm doing is setting the title text for the ViewPort, but that is apparently enough to cause a brief screen flash. Oddly, this only happens on the first time I switch to the ViewPort; subsequent returns to this ViewPort do not cause the screen flash.

I am experiencing this issue on other flavors as well. I have an IW21 flavor with a group of five radio buttons which fire the onSelect event. The first time a radio button is selected, the screen flashes. It does not flash on subsequent radio button selections.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue, and if so, have you found any solutions for it? Both actions which I describe above occur in under one second. It seems excessive to show a wait indicator for such a short wait. And, to me anyway, it disrupts the user experience when the screen flashes all the time.

If anyone from SAP is reading this post, is there any way to:

  1. Extend the threshold time length to prevent this action on short delays.
  2. Have the ability to turn off the screen flash/fade when this behavior is triggered. I personally would find it much less distracting if the screen only showed the rotating circle (similar to the bubbles shown in the traditional rendering engine) and did not also flash/fade.

If these options are not currently available, could they be added in a note, or at least in an upcoming service pack? I'm excited to roll out Slipstream to our users, and I want their experience to be the best it can be.

Thank you very much for your help!