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Jul 15, 2009 at 09:43 AM

Crystal Report XI - Mulitple Columns Grouping



I created a report in crystal report XI having the following structure:

Main Report Structure

  • Page Header (Report Title, Date and displayed Columns Title)

  • Group Header (Group header will be displayed)

  • Details - a (Records List will be populated)

  • Group Footer (Sub Report which displays the Notes in tabular format)

  • Page Footer (Page number will be displayed)

I kept 'keep together' for 'Group Footer' section.

Sub Report Structure

  • Group Header (No contents will be displayed here)

  • Details - a (Header)

  • Details - b (Content)

  • Group Footer (blank section)

In the sub report, the Details section was set for multi columns with across and then down property. The Details section width was set such that at max 3 columns will fit. Also 'keep together' property was set for the details sections so that both header and its content will always stay together. (Assume that the sub report data will be displayed like rows of data with each row having 3 cells.)

Both main and sub reports picks the required data from database stored procedure.

My Problem

As 'Group Footer' section in main report was kept 'keep together' some times more empty space was leaving at the bottom of the pages in the main report.

So i tried to remove 'keep together' option for 'Group Footer' section in the main report. By doing this the empty space was now reducing by splitting the subreport rows in multiple pages.

So far fine but the problem arises when the first row second cell or first row third cell data is large enough so that it can't fit at the bottom of the page in the available space. So because of this, the cells in a row are splitting between the pages.

Either i want to display the entire row with all the 3 cells at a time or blank in the pages' available space for 'Group Footer' section in main report.

(I don't want to split the cells in the rows. I want entire row with all the 3 cells to be displayed at once.)

Can any one suggest me how can i fix this?

I hope i clearly presented my problem. If not, let me know where you want more clear.

Thanks in advance.

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