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Jul 15, 2009 at 09:35 AM

Problem with installation - CRM2007



I try to install CRM 2007 on SLES 10 64bit (with Oracle 10.2)

During installation I have faced a problem with ABAP import.

import_monitor_java.log points me to SAPSSEXC.log, where I see this information:

DbSl Trace ORA-3113 occured when writing to a LOB

What can I do with this ? Does anybody know what is the solution?

I tried to search for it, but couldn't find any hint.

I have checked shared_pool_size with sqlplu command "show parameter shared_pool_size;" and it shows me 340M

The last lines in SAPSSEXC.log says this:

DbSl Trace: OCI-call 'OCILobWrite' failed with rc=24811

DbSl Trace: ORA-24811 occured when writing to a LOB

(IMP) ERROR DbSlExeModify/DbSlLobPutPiece failed

rc= 99, table "REPOSRC"

(SQL error 24811)

error message returned by DbSl:

ORA-24811: less data provided for writing than indicated



PS. I created new thread because the old one was deleted by forum moderator (strange that they cannot just edit and remove some lines from the thread instread of deleting the whole thread)

Uday: thanks for previous suggestion. I included the reply to it in this new thread.