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Credit management- Check after due date


Usually my client creates a Sales Order for a party for 1000 units and then as per the requirement they keep on creating Delivery against this Sales Order.

Now their requirement is to check if any open Delivery or Billing is there for more than 3 days the system should not allow to create the Delivery or PGI, even if the user try to create the Delivery with respect to already created sales Order.

For Example :-

Credit Limit of Customer XYZ is 100000 INR, Update group :- 000015, Automatic Check

Sales Order 123 created on 01.07.2009 for Customer XYZ for 1000units and 50000 INR

Created three Deliveries D1, D2 and D3 for total quantity 100 units and 5000 INR on 02.07.2009

Now again on 05.07.2009 the user wants to create another delivery say D4 with respect to Sales Order 123, for 1 unit and value 50 INR, the system should NOT allow the user to create the same, or give a warning and stop doing PGI.

I have tried doing it by maintainig the Oldest open Item for 3 days in OVA8, but unable to achieve the result.

So experts, will you please guide me?

thanks in advance

Amitesh Anand

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2 Answers

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    Jul 16, 2009 at 08:58 AM

    Dear Amitesh,

    OPEN ITEM means the invoices which are posted to FI but no payments received from the customer yet..

    OLDEST OPEN ITEMS Check will work as follows.

    Say u set Number of days as 3.. against oldest open items.. then the system will behave as follows..

    System will check if there are any invoices which are overdue by 3 days..

    Overdue values u can check in FD10N/ FD11..


    say in OVA8 you have the fol. settings against OPEN ITEMS.. Max. Open Item %: 30 and No.of days:3

    In this case, the system will check whether the OPEN ITMES(invoices posted to FI not paid yet) which are due more than 3 days and the % of those open items against RECEIVABLES(Customer's Balance) in FD33.. If the % exceeds 30 % them the system will block a sale order..

    For your case - you need to prefer user exit.. Standard SAP functionality will not help you as of I know..



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      Even i m facing the same problem. I want credit management to be implemented based on oldest open item due . The Due date is calculated based on terms of payment. ( Suppose if the customer has not done the payment within credit period then system should not allow Post Goods Issue.)

      For a customer "X" the payment term is 20 days and i created the billing document 01.07.2011 and when i tried to do PGI on 02.07.2011 system is not allowing me to do so. Now, ideally if the payment term is of 30 days then system should stop PGI on 31st day and not on 2nd day.

      In OVA8 i have maintained dynamic check, reaction d and status is blocked. I have ticked oldest open item, reaction 'D' and status blocked. I tried by filling the field dayesoldest item with " 30" then system did not trigerred any check.

      Pl help on the same.



  • Jul 15, 2009 at 09:53 AM

    Hi Anand,

    Please kindly consider that open items means pending finance entries (billing , return , payment....)

    related to the customer.

    oldest open items will check for the balance for over-due items.

    The static credit limit may check only the value of open sales orders and/or open deliveries

    but not aging.

    Thank you.

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