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Jul 15, 2009 at 08:18 AM

F110 : Vendor Email required in PAYEXT.PEXR2002


Hi All,

During the payment run using F110 transaction we found out that the PAYEXT.PEXR2002 idocs was not having any fields for Vendor email address. We have the following approaches to get this details from Vendor tables:

1. Extend the standard IDoc and get email value from the tables or

2. Fetch the value from vendor table and put it to some unused fields of the existing IDoc

In both cases I need to find some enhancement points in the program which creates the PAYEXT.PEXR2002 IDoc. The print media whcih we use in F110 is RFFOEDI1. So the problems whcih I am facing is:

1. Is this RFFOEDI1 the correct program to trigger PAYEXT.PEXR2002?

2. Where can I write the Enhancement Code for fetching Vendor Details from the SAP Tables?

We are using SAP ECC boxes.

Thanks in advance



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