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Sep 05, 2018 at 08:31 PM

Crystal Reports 2013 not showing list of values


I'm building a report in Crystal Reports 2013 Support Pack 8 Version with a dynamic parameter that uses a list of values from Business View Manager. I've built the Data Connection, Data Foundation, Business Element, Business View, and List of Values in the BVM using an Admin logon. When I "Browse field...." on my Business Element, I get the proper list of data, so I know that's working.

In Crystal Reports I logged into the Repository Explorer and selected my List of Values from the repository data source as the data source for my report's dynamic parameter. When I refresh the data in my report, my parameter prompt is just a text field and not the list of values that I'm expecting. I can even enter a parameter value that I know exists and the report runs correctly. but I need a list of values. I've read through several previous questions in the SAP community with this problem, but those were all for CR 2008, and those solutions didn't fix my problem. Why do I not get a list of values for my parameter?