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Former Member
Jul 15, 2009 at 12:23 AM

How to unblock clearing items for payment block


The process i did is the next:

- Create a vendor invoice (miro) $1000. with block reason R

- Create a credit memo (miro) $800.

- Clear the credit memo vs invoice F-44 (the credit memo is a partial amount of the invoice).

In FBL3N transaction i see also the credit memo blocked R

when i go to mrbr transaction i only see the invoice and when i release it and go to the f-58 in order to pay it, sends me a message: the item is online blocked.

The problem is the credit memo is still blocked. How can i release it, if i can not see that in the mrbr.

As a temporally solution is going to fb03 and avoiding the block reason manually.

Please help me with this issue. thks