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Jul 14, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Problem with destination mappings



I'm trying to map External Service with Destination in CAF Configuration. In most sources I've fount such path:

1. login to CAF run time configuration.

2. click on "Aministration Tools" link.

3. click on "External Service Configuration" link.

4. click on "Service Registry" link.

And then further operations.

The problem is that my instalation of CAF is different (probably 7.1.1): in <host><port>/caf there is no Administration Tools, instead there is the information:

Note: Administrative Tools have been moved to NetWeaver Administrator (NWA).

Authorization Tool can be found in NWA under Configuration Management/Security.

External Service Configurator can be found in NWA under Configuration Management/Infrastructure/Destinations or under SOA Management/Technical Configuration/Destination Template Management.

So I've found this tool at Configuration Management/Infrastructure/Destinations. But there is no "Service Registry" link. No link at all - just two panes where left ("External Services") is empty and right ("Destinations") contains destination as I've configured it.

The question is: how to get left pane filled with external services in order to map service with destination? Is it some problem with my local ESR or what?

Any help will be appreciated.



Edit: It seems, that there is no input in my local SR. But when I try to publish WSDL there I get WSDL validation error.