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Sep 04, 2018 at 06:58 PM

PO Condition access sequence


Hi to all. I am customizing conditions for an Import PO process. I have created among others ZFLE International Freight confition.

In my client, Import users have many excel sheets that they use to get the correct amount per each material depending on the vendor that they are buying, origin, issuing port and container volume.

As an example:

Freight Vendor Country of origin Port Container type Container volume Date from date to Amount PANALPINA JP YOKOHAMA 40HC 76 01-01-18 31-12-18 2500 usd

What I want to do is to see if it is possible to create an access sequence for this ZFLE cond.type to get the amont of the freight using this combination:

1. PO ZFLE Vendor number (set in the ZFLE condition)

2. Material Origin (this I have set it in the material master in field MARC-HERKL)

3. Port of origin (this could me set inside of the PO at position level)

4. Container Volume (this could me set inside of the PO at position level)

Based on this combination I want to add ZFLE at item level with the specific amount to be calculated per item volumen.

I tryed creating many access sequence but with no luck.

It is possible to create this?

Tks in advance!