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Jul 14, 2009 at 02:49 PM

RTF inccorect text when I export my Crystal Report to PDF



I'm facing a quite unusual problem.

I've developped a VB.NET 2008 application for my customer that creates Crystal Reports from manually-entered text.

There's a part where the user can enter RTF text in a RichTextBox control, or import from a RTF File.

Here's what I do :

I'm typing a three-lines example in Word 2007 and save it in RTF.

Then I import it in my application into the RichTextBox.

When I display the report, everything looks fine, but when I export it to PDF, "i" letters are inserted after each "t" letter.

It looks like it appears only after a "bold"-ed text. Here's and example: []

I'm using CrystalReports Editor Included in Visual Studio 2008.

Has anyone already encoutered that issue ?