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Sep 04, 2018 at 03:30 PM

Intercompany problems

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Dear experts,

We are facing number of problems in the Intercompany Add-on.

We created 5 empty databases, installed the Add-on on each database (took a lot of time). Then in the Admin Console, we deployed the landscape.

1st database - for Consolidation.
2nd database - for Head-office.
3-4-5 databases - for Branches 1-3
In total 5 databases.
We used the Default Company Template - No need template was created.
Key Mapping was done although no master data existed.

Here it shows that Key Mapping is complete. But in the cockpit, shows that it's incomplete.

We then created a Global Business Partner and unfortunately it was not replicated to other companies.

Then I read that we have to setup the Event Sender

After this we created another Global Business Partner, and now it's not even showing in the Failed Replication in the Intercompany Solution Cockpit.

Also when go to Administration -> Setup -> Intercompany -> General Settings ->
This error comes up

We tried creating a warehouse with IC_DShip Warehouse Code / Name.

Question 1: Is it okay to install the add-on on one empty database and replicate (import/export schema) 4 times? Or is it advised to create 5 empty databases and wait for the add-on install on each (takes a lot of time).

Question 2: What to do the Key Mapping (not showing the Cockpit)?

Question 3: What to do the Global Business Partner replication? I believe no replication works. But Dimensions got replicated, no idea why. (maybe after Key Mapping or when Copying Initialization Setup / Intercompany Setups.)

Question 4: What to do with the IC_DShip warehouse?

Question 5: We found this Demo DB for Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA - Russia. But it's quite useless because it has only one database, which had to be upgraded to work on 9.3 and intercompany add-on that had to be installed till the end. Is there another Demo DB like in the screenshot below?

Not just one database, but the whole package?

Thank you,


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