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Sep 04, 2018 at 12:45 PM



Hello Dear Experts

our company wanted from me to change the default form of time statement in ess.

i copy the default form and i want to chane the titles and texts. because they are in english language. and i want to make them persian but unfotunatedly persian is not supported. i asked my colleague and she said me i have to create a variable for each of those caption and titles or write an abap code. i dont know anything about abap so i want to create variables for each of those persian lables. also unfortunately i am really newcommer in sap and i know allitle about sap. i defined a variable with name ''w_title'' an i put its type on char30 and also i set its default value on a persian title and then i created a text in title page and in this text i write "&w_title&" but when i want run my report in ess, in title section it shows me "&w_title&" . i dont know what to do exactly.

please please help me. its urgent and my dudate is going to finish.