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HANA Flow Graph Truncate Issue


I have a simple flow graph where I have a Datasource which is a Virtual Table, a filter node where I'm adding 4 custom fields, and a template table.

In my template table, I have checked the option to Truncate

This particular flow graph takes about 7 minutes to run, and when the flow graph starts, it seems that the first thing it does is to drop the data in the target table.

So during the 7 minutes that it is selecting the data, my target table is blank.

I was under the impression that the sequence of events would be:

1. Select data - 7 mins

2. Delete data - miliseconds

3. Insert data - a few seconds

Can someone confirm if that is correct and if it is not, what would be the correct process to not have a 7 minute interval in which there's 0 records in my table?

Thank you,


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