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Jul 13, 2009 at 12:42 PM

LDAP UME different user path



I am just setting up the connection between an UME and LDAP as data source. In the fantastic test environmental world where the gras is green and ... I had one path to the groups and one path to the users and everything was like it should be.

Unfortunately I arrived in the real world and in the LDAP directory the users in splitted into different "folders" beneath one root user folder. In this "folders" are differnent users that I don't need. But they have no attribute to filter out.

Now I am thinking creating one group and assign all portal users to this group. Afterwards I am using an the negative user filter like "not member of group portalusers". Is this a normal way and does someone know some expamples? Is a not in the negative filter possible?

The other way would be to configure multi datasources that are connecting to the same ldap but the user paths are different.

How are you using problems like having users in different paths?

It would be nice if someone could give help,