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Aug 31, 2018 at 01:22 AM

DPP Erasure of


We checked the DPP Erasure part of SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service document.

And as described below, seems it shall not happen that end user been deleted in IDP before deleted in SP.

“The end user who wants to cancel his or her registration from the service should start the process via the service provider, not via Identity Authentication. Identity Authentication keeps user information for every service provider. Each service provider deletes its specific data stored about the user in Identity Authentication via an API call. If the user has accounts in more than one service provider, his or her whole user profile in Identity Authentication is deleted when the information for the last service provider is deleted. For more information, see SP User Deletion.”

We will try to follow this guide, but we do not quite understand this SP User Deletion API, We use as IDP other than .

Could anyone give advice about the "User Deletion" for SP integrated with Thanks