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Jul 13, 2009 at 09:21 AM

Custom bar code in smart form


Hi ABAP experts,

I need to create a custom bar code functionality with following parameters.

I have tried in Smart style, but i could not find to create custom bar codes. I could see only standard SAP bar code styles.

Please help me the way to create custom bar codes.

Interleaved Two out of Five Barcode, ITF

- Encoded characters: numeric

- Type of code: continuous. Each character is followed by the next one, without quiet intervals, meaning that all the spaces are part of the encoding.

- Length of Symbol: fixed (however, it allows the encoding of any length of numeric field having an even number of digits). The total width is fixed and does not depend on encoded information.

- Decoding: bidirectional. Although it can be read in both directions, when it is electronically decoded, it is read in the right direction.

- Required check digit: mandatory. The routine for obtaining the check digit will be moduleu2019s 10.

- Numeric Encode: the barcode must also specify data in numeric format, which will be located in the lower part of it.

- Minimum nominal module: 0.191 mm (0.0075 inches).

- Maximum Density: 7.1 characters/cm (18 characters/inch). The code density is the relationship between the number of encoded characters and the length they get once printed.

- Quiet Zones: 1.1 characters/cm. Must have reserved zones or margins, with no bars, just spaces to the left, before Start character and spaces to the right, after Stop character.

- Additional feature: Unique Start and Stop Characters.

- Contrast: it is the relationship between the reflectance of dark bars and light spaces in the code. It should not be lower than 63%; the desirable contrast goes from 75% to 100%. This last percentage is obtained when the bars are fully black and the spaces fully white.

- White: eight (8) modules on each side.

- Printing Colors:

For BARS (Dark): BLACK