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Jul 13, 2009 at 09:18 AM

result recording acceptance and rejection checkbox got problem


Dear guru,

I have 3 questions;

Background: an inspection lot created with two inspection specification. The first inspection characteristic has a control indicator of summarize recording while the second inspection characteristic has a control indicator of single recording.

1st Question:

The first inspection characteristic has a mean value (i.e. value in the result field) which fall outside the lower and upper limit, but system valuated it as ACCEPT (i.e. accept box checked, and reject box unchecked, and the valuation field has a green check sign). Why? Shouldn't it be rejected as the result (i.e. mean value) fall outside the range?

I notice the problem not only incurs to inspection characteristic with summarize recording, but single recording as well.

2nd Question:

The second inspection characteristic (which is single recording) has ONE actual sample size that is tested fall above the Upper limit.

Out of the total 125 sample sizes value entered, one sample size value is falling outside the upper limit (the defect class is u201C01 Critical defectu201D and the u201CNo. Aboveu201D field is 1), and the system consider the this inspection characteristic as u201CAcceptu201D (i.e. the accept checkbox is checked and reject checkbox is uncheck when I hits the Close (i.e. lock sign) button; Further the valuation field is checked. Shouldnu2019t the system evaluate it as reject (i.e. with the rejected box checked and accept box uncheck if one of the inspection sample size has a value which is either fall outside the upper or the lower limit?

3rd Question:

Do I always have to press the Close (i.e. lock sign) button in order to trigger the acceptance and rejection (i.e. the two checkboxes) of the inspection characteristic?