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Jul 11, 2009 at 06:46 AM

Several question on activation and transporting


Hello all,

(1) Read some thread and got some info from the EHP Tech backoffice about the transporting the activated BF in EHP.

In a sandbox system, created a transport, and it contain object 'R3TR SF02 A' - does it mean 'all and ONLY the activated BF'?

If I import this into the next landscape, how does it work -does it calls SFW5 and activate ONLY the activated BF from the source landscape? So the activation runtime will be the same

(2) What is the most efficient way of activating several BF?

- check all the dependency first?

- can you include the pre-req BF with the base BF? i.e. put them all into single activation?

- is there a disadvantage/advantage of doing it all in one go, or should we put into several slices?