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Jul 11, 2009 at 05:34 AM

Variable input in Webi Report


Hello Experts,

I have a requirement to create a Webi report which has 3 key figure columns.

While executing report It should ask for input variable fiscal year/period.

Now 1st key figure colum should show Amount for the fiscal year/period I entered as an input variable.

2nd column should show Amount for previous YTD for the fiscal year I entered.

For Ex. if I enter 04.2009 it should show amount for 01.2009 - 04.2009 and if I enter 04.2008 then it should show amount for 01.2008-04.2008.(based on the variable input I provide)

3rd column should provide the Amount <= ficsal period I enter as an input.

Can anyone guide how would I achieve this?


Nirav Shah