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Jul 11, 2009 at 05:03 AM

WM Quality Flow



Can someone guide me for Material flow in case QM is activated.

I am doing following.

Process I) MIGO > QA32 > LU04--> LT06 Aaginst 101 movement.

Process 2) MIGO --> TO against 101 docuemnt --> System is asking for sample --> assigning sample say 5 pcs out of 100 pcs --> TO Created --> QA32 (Unrestricted 100 pc) > LU04 > TO Confirmation (101 movemnt TO) -->

Once I am confirming TO (101 Movement) , it confirms only 95 numbers , 5 pcs are not coming into stock

For getting 5 pcs I am using LT01 --> All manual entries.

My query

a) What is standard process for QM in WM.

b) Process 1 is correct or wrong.

c) Process 2 is correct or wrong.

Background: Interface QM , nothing is maintained in Config, still system is working for above mentioned processes.


Manish Gupta