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Jul 10, 2009 at 08:59 PM

BPI1 Exercise 28 - "area cannot be maintained" message intentional?


Hi all:

No one has replied to my message of the other day, but then again no one has told me I'm in the wrong forum, so here goes.

I have done BP1 on two different servers. At Exercise 28, "Verify Validation Area" , the task is to assign the valuation to the plant (P___ where ___ is the student's number).

I've run it three times on two different servers and always get the same message:

The valuation area cannot be maintained (already defined)

And, just above it iis a ghosted message radio button area in which "Valuation area is a plant" already checked off.

Was this done intentionally to show students what a message looks like (the name of the exercise is "Verify"? Or is this a configuration error and the student is supposed to make the decision?

If anyone happens to know, I'd appreciate hearing from you.