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Sep 03, 2018 at 09:51 PM

SAP CCM Decommissioning - no authorizations to create 'backup transport'


Hi Everyone,

I have the following scenario, I am trying to create a backup transport within a Decommissioning analysis but when I tried I received the message

'You are missing development authorization in the managed system DEV'

The user I currently used to logged in SolMan and perform Decommissioning task is 'SUPPORT'. Which is also defined in the USER area of CCM.

This role has the following roles assigned:



Does this user have the complete authorizations?

For the other hand I think that also RFC user has to be with this scenario so, I reviewed which CLNT is defined for CCM taks = 120

Then I checked which RFC connection is defined for that CLNT within SolMan

This results in RFC 'SM_DEVCLNT210_TRUSTED' which I understand that this type of RFC can create objects in target systems.

But when I checked the user assigned to that RFC I noticed that the option 'current user is set' within SolMan

So my question here is what other role or authorization I need to create Backup transports in DEV system with this user?



ccm1.jpg (130.5 kB)
ccm2.jpg (190.1 kB)
ccm3.jpg (187.0 kB)
ccm4.jpg (119.0 kB)
ccm5.jpg (93.8 kB)