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Jul 10, 2009 at 02:38 PM

Third Party Processing


We have been using the Third Party Processing process, where a billable sales order is entered (item category TAS) a purchase req created, and converted into a PO, invoice verification is done, and then the billing is done . . . Sales order closed once all billing done.

Now we are being asked to use the Third Party Process but with free sales orders. Also based on the type of sales order, the GL account and Cost Center may be different.

Today when we ship a free Demo, when the delivery is goods issued it hits a finished goods account and an expense account.

Today when we do a TAS order the PO shows a Cost of Sales Account, the Invoice Verification hits the AP account and the Cost of Sale account, and the Billing doc hits the AR account and the Expense account.

What I have done so far is create a new Item Category what is similar to the Free Item Category we have been using . . . it is not relevant for pricing or billing . . . yet also similar to TAS.

When I create the order, I do get a purchase req, which is type NB with Account Assignment Category of Z. The GL account, which is a Cost of Sales account defaults . . . this must be in configuration, and it is grayed out. The cost center from the Sales Order does come into the Req.

The Third Party Process was set up by consultants 11 years ago, and we have never had to do anything to change it, so it is a new area to us. So can anyone provide steps to continue the set up of this. I am thinking if the we could change the GL to an expense account we might be closer to it, but I am not sure. Or should a new Account Assignment Catergory be created.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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