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Jul 09, 2009 at 06:41 PM

"Set Portal Theme" causes crash in IE 7 and display problems in Firefox 3.0


Good Afternoon,

We have a small but unusual problem with the "Set Portal Theme" function when using the Personalize feature of the portal. Using Internet Explorer 7.0, the Set Portal Theme page is displayed correctly, but if a user attempts to click the "Details" icon to show a sample drop down menu, IE crashes completely. Using Firefox 3.x, the drop down menu works correctly, but the top level navigation bar is offset downward, hiding one of the sections.

This is obviously a minor issue, but we wondered if others are seeing similiar problems? Our concern is that this control is used elsewhere in the portal and may present a more serious problem in the future.

As an additional note - we do use custom templates, but the problem occurs on SAP standard templates as well.

Thank you!