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Former Member
Jul 09, 2009 at 03:39 PM

configuration characteristics from order BOM are not transfered to project


The scenario is like below

1. Sales order with multi-level configuration is created and configuration is done and consistent only on the top level

2. Engineering is validated via tr. CU51 for all variant configuration levels below and no changes are posted u2013 only default values are confirmed

3. BOM and configuration is transferred to the Project via tr. CSKB or CN33

4. Project validation u2013 tr. CJ20N. BOM item is assigned and and variant configuration values are check..goto Extras--> configuration --> characteristics value assignment

5. Configuration values are not transferred.

6. MRP result check:

The planned order is generated but super routing configuration is failed due to missing characteristics values assigned to the material

7. If any manual change is done during step No. 2 u2013 tr. CU51 u2013 the configuration values assigned to material.

So the question is why characteristics values are not transferred to project initially before making changes in CU51. What must have gone wrong?

We are using CU51 only to validate default values and not meant to be used to make any changes.

Any expert's advice???