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Jul 09, 2009 at 02:16 PM

How to find the calculation formula for a condition type


Hi all,

I have a condition type ZPP1 which is a charge of a flat fee $6. The fee is split among all line items in the sales order.

Cond class for ZPP1 is A (surcharge), Calc type is B (fixed amt), Cond Cat is H (basic price).

If i have 2 line items in the sales order, the charges of ZPP1 is not shown at line item level until I go to Header / Condition tab.

I cannot find any formula for ZPP1 in pricing procedure. Then how are the line item charges calculated ? Is this standard sap pricing ? It seems the price is re-price after going to the header. Is this configuration ?

We have a condition rec for ZPP1 for $6 only, no scale. I need to find out each charge (condition value/ kwert) for each line item. I need to find out the charge for each line item is calculated ?