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Aug 30, 2018 at 09:53 AM

In S/4 HANA release 1808 ,Funds Investment and Income Allocation what are the functionality


Scenario 1

We directly place funds in a number of treasury products and tools (such as fixed and term bank deposits, call accounts and Money Market Funds). We also have balances with a fund manager. On the Investments side we essentially use fund managers and with the exception of a few minor internal accounts these all flow through our custodian, Bank of New York.

Scenario 2

Income Allocation and Suspense payments

Any income received needs to be identified so that it can be allocated to a customer account, customer invoice or to the designated accounting codes. Income should be ID referenced by the remitter and the payment processor (along with any additional unique transaction references) otherwise it will be placed in suspense (unless intended for suspense). So the data we will need is anything provided by the remitter and payment processor which will help identify the income.