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Jul 09, 2009 at 01:48 PM

Assigning a BEx role to BSP - BSP application is missing in PFCG


Hi everybody,

at first I will describe our problem.

We constructed a mixed environment web application, consisting out of a BSP application and WAD web templates. Unfortunately the url of web templates and the bsp-application differs - meaning the server is the same, but the port is different. That's why it is not easy to link the application each other, because for transportation reasons, we would like to have relative url paths.

After searching the SDN and reading several help files I draw the conclusion, that I have to put my BSP application into a BEx role. Correct? If anybody has a better approach, please raise your hand now!

So, I tried to create a role for my BSP application in the transaction PFCG. To specify the target I choosed entry type OTHER and BSP application. But in the appearing list of all BSP applications, my application was missing.

I really wondered about it, because similar BSPs from other authors within the sap/bc/bsp - folder appeared in the list.

Question: What are the prerequisites that a BSP application is available in the PFCG transaction?

Thanks for any comments and helps

Best regards,