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E-Sourcing Integration with ECC, script error


I am trying to integrate ECC server with E-sourcing, following the document on SAP market place.

In this one step is to import DATA workbook.

In this excel there is a workbook called Scripts. While uploading all 24 enteries in it are failing.

I saw the log it says null pointer exception.

So I tried to create those enteries manually.

In that there is a script : classpath:///com/frictionless/sap/integration/data/FileExport.txt

So its trying to get the script from this location. But this file is not there on my E-sourcing server.

Can any one suggest where I am mistaking or what value classpath variable has or any one can give me this file



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2 Answers

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    Jul 09, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    What version software?

    You are sure you deployed the Integration JAR file?

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      Hi Vaibhav

      There is absolutely no problem with the files you have.

      Please follow the below steps and you will get a successful upload, we too faced the same issue


      Now that you have the the integration jar, you need to add it to the ear file and redeploy the earfile.

      1) start the configure utility.

      FCIHOMEDIR/bin/configure.exe (on windows) (in your case G:/esourcing51/bin/configure.exe)

      2) select these two options:

      a) Include Custom Jar File

      b) Update WAR and EAR Files

      Note: no need to select any other options.

      3) When you get to the add custom jar screen add the SAPintegration.jar file.

      4) the utility will rebuild the EAR file.

      5) using Netweaver Visual Administrator, redeploy as you have been. remember to stop the application and remove the old deployment first.

      If the load fails after doing steps 1-5 then it will be because of the following reasons, first check the log file and then see the pointers below

      It may be that the ear file was generated OK but the deletion of the temp directories failed. The only sources I can think of for this type of failure are:

      1) file protection issues. either the directory tree was created by someone other than the person building the ear or the protections are not correct (too restrictive). check who owns and who can write/delete items in the directory tree. (starting at the top)

      2) are multiple users trying to access the directories at the same time? (directory or files locked) Were there any aborted attempts in the creation process?

      The contents of the fcsourcing.ear and war should be fine and this can be deployed on Netweaver. However since the cleanup fails the next step, creating the optimizer ear file, has not occurred. So for this you will need to address the file access problem you appear to have.

      Vaibhav: The bottomline is that the EAR file has to be re-built, so please remove the old deployment and then re-deploy the EAR and the SAP integration.jar file

      Let me know if this helped



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    Jul 22, 2009 at 06:59 AM

    Undeployed and then Re-deployed !

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