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Sep 04, 2018 at 03:49 PM

S/4HANA 1709 Conversion and ML implementation both for actual costing and transfer pricing.


Currently i am working on S/4Hana conversion project. scope of the project also include Material ledger implementation both for actual costing and transfer pricing.

After successfull S/4hana conversion on dev system, we had following currencies:-

in OMX2

10 Company Code Currency

20 Controlling Area Currency

while currency is FINSC_LEDGER currencies were

local currency 10

Global Currency 20

so far everything was going smooth but once i configured currency and valuation profile (8KEM) in transfer pricing with following currencies

10 company code currency with legal valuation

30 Group currency with profit center valuation.

and executed 8KEP Tcode, i got following errors

No currency type with valuation view is configured in company code 1000

Message no. FAGL_LEDGER_CUST140


Conflict: Material ledger in valuation area 1100 with profile 9200

Message no. C+088


The settings for material ledger type 9200 in valuation area 1100 are not compatible with currency profile and valuation profile 9200.

System Response

The consistency of currencies throughout the component is no longer guaranteed.


Choose another currency profile and valuation profile

what i understand is, currencies in 8KEP are different with OMX2

when i checked FINSC_LEDGER Tcode i got following warning messages

Global currency field must use currency type 30 in ledger 0L / cocode 1000

Message no. FINS_ACDOC_CUST261


Currency type 30 missing for ledger 0L / company code 1000

Message no. FINS_ACDOC_CUST290

please note that global currency field is gray out and i am unable to change it.

since ML was already active, and as per SAP note 108374 relevant ACDOCA entries already exist in for the company code, am unable to deactivate the ML neither system is allowing me to change currencies in OMX2

appreciate if you could help me out to sort out this issue. please also help me what approach i should have while converting Production system.