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Sep 04, 2018 at 01:30 PM

How is Profit Center selected when an item is posted on customer account by F-32?



When we get an unknown bank payment (invoice and amount unknown) by the bank statement in FEBAN, we manually post the amount on the customer account by using the following steps:

- Select option Post Item in FEBAN

- Select Customer Account in FB05

- Choose "Charge Off Difference (F7) in FB05

- Automatically debet entry with posting key 40 is created

- Posting Key 15 (incoming payment) on the customer account is created as credit entry

- Clearing is being saved.

For the debet entry we arranged a profit center by a substitution rule depending on the bank account the payment is made to.

How does SAP determine the profit center on the customer account item (credit entry)?

Which customizing is being used?

It is not possible to enter a profit center in the credit entry on the customer account.

When I enter a profit center in the coding block (when I change profit center to mandatory in field status group it does pop up), the value is being ignored.

How can I find out where the profit center is derived from? Is it a user setting? Customizing? Substitution?

Thanks for helping me out!