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Dashboards in SOLMAN 7.2 do not display all the monitors added to dashboard tile

Hi Thomas,

It is a great blog for reference to SOLMAN 7.2.

I have created dashboards in SOLMAN 7.2 using dashboard builder for ABAP dumps monitoring. I have used "Business Process Monitoring" data source type and "MS/APPMON/BOSDUMPC02" as data source. For Rows i have used Date/time filter and set it for top N values of the day .For Columns "Key figures" and "Monitoring object ID" . The values of the monitoring objects are the monitors created for the dumps in respective logical components of those systems, and the value for "key figure" is set as "Last value(MAI context ID)".

There are around 7 monitors added to the dashboard , but only displays few monitors and the count changes with time. All the monitors are active and are running fine.

Even if the dumps are null in any system , the dashboard should have represented it with an zero, but the monitor is entirely skipped from display .

Can you please guide us on what may be the cause for this .

Is there any other configuration to be added if we are using monitors for data.

Thank you ,

Padmavati K

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