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Sep 03, 2018 at 11:41 AM

Determine output language NAST-SPRAS via enhancement


Dear experts,

How to Determine output language NAST-SPRAS via enhancement?

Scenario: I have a SD quotation where the quotation email output master record is created for partner function PE Sales manager. So the PE -Sales manager should receive the email with the quotation in PDF format. The issue is that the same sales manager can manage customers that have different communication languages. And therefore the output should be generated on the communication language of the quotation Sold-to instead of the PE Sales manager language.

Can I enhance the determination/update of NAST-SPRAS to set the output on the language of the sold-to instead of the language of the output partner?

Note: I have other possible solutions but I would like to hear if this is an option.

Thank you!