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Jul 08, 2009 at 08:31 PM

how to get xkomv-kwert (condition value) from a pricing condition ZZP1


Hi experts,

I have a pricing condition zcust that I need to modify in the sales order. The calculation of ZCUST is dependent on the condition value in another price condition ZZP1. The price for ZZP1 is a fixed amount of $6 which is split among line items in the order. In sapmv45A, when the code hits userexit_save_document_prepare, the value of xkomv-kwert (condition value) exist. In other user-exits in sapm45A, I was unable to find xkomv-kwert. My question is: How can I find the value of xkomv-kwert as i don't know how ZZP1 is calculated ?? There is no routine attached to ZZP1.

THE ZCUST has a routine 993 which is similar to 3. Here in program saplv61A, i was trying to get xkomv-kwert for ZZP1 but unable to get any data. Can anyone suggest where i can get the data (xkomv-kwert) for ZZP1 in saplv61a ?

I looked at userexit_xkomv_bewerten_end in saplv61a but it does not help.

XKomv-kbetr always has data. If i have ZZP1 data, then i can modify ZCUST.

Many thanks.