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Sep 02, 2018 at 09:01 AM

Update the retention for Jobs with the help of Redwood Script.


Hello Experts,

We have set the retention period of 90 day for all the process definitions and chain definitions and Report Definitions too, that we define while creating these definitions though for some of the definitions are not defined retention period at the beginning.

So now I pulled out all the these definitions(process,chains,reports) and want to update their retention period to 90 days but the count of definitions are 5k, now I want to update these with Redwood Script.

Can you suggest me the method and class I have to use to call retention tab?

And which class needs to be used to access process definition,chain definition and Report definition.

Adding to above- Can I update the retention for the process which are being completed in the past and has no retention was defined.(Logically I think its not possible but is there any way out to detect these process and remove them).