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Solman Job Documentation - any way to import steps from Spreadsheet?

Nov 15, 2016 at 11:09 PM


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Ok, we have some clients who have decided that it would be great to have jobs with several hundred job steps (no, changing these is not an option, we'd simply have several hundred jobs which would be even worse), and they're attempting to create these via Job Documentation. What a monumental pain. Is there no way to import the steps from a spreadsheet? The Job Doc editor is massively slow for large jobs, and adding these one step at a time with multiple fields to cut and paste is... terrible. A single pop up window with multiple entry fields? How about a simple table structure that can accept muliple field cut and paste?? There are function modules to import via XML, but the XML still has to be created which is no less of a pain.

Has this been changed at all in 7.2? What a pita...


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1 Answer

Bernie Krause Dec 28, 2016 at 09:58 PM

Well, managed to find my own workaround for this. In the Scheduling tab you have to hit the Step Add button numerous times to add as many empty steps as you need, then you can cut and paste from a spreadsheet into the document and save it.

Now however the opening page of the Job Doc will no longer match the System page, so if you're concerned about that you can also click the "compare with Job Doc" button on the System Scheduling page, and select if you want to update the Job Doc front page with everything you've added/changed.

hth someone at some point. Probably me, when I search for this again..


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