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Jul 08, 2009 at 10:28 AM

IM with Inv Prog/Inv Measures - Planning/Budgeting/Distribution



I am looking to implement the use of appropriation requests via Workflow, to use with investment measures budgeted and hence activated with availability control. The workflow side of things is working fine in terms of creating/approving the ARs, but I feel I am missing something key in the subsequent process of planning/budgeting/distribution.

In the test system I can create an AR assigned to an investment program position with plan values assigned, which Workflow can then go off to obtain its necessary approvals. However I notice that before the AR is approved I am still able to roll up these plan values, copy to budget and distribute down. Shouldn't plan values only be copied from approved ARs?

If this scenario is unlikely in a live scenario I still feel unsure over the process of planning/budgeting/distributing budget once an AR is approved. As I understand it once an AR is approved the plan values of its program position need to be rolled up via IM34, then the plan values need to be copied to the budget via IMCCP1, then the budget needs to be distributed back down the tree via IM52 and then the investment measure needs the specific monetary amount entered against it for availability control to activate against the internal order.

Isn't this a long winded scenario for one AR? Is this the only way that an investment measure can obtain approved and budgeted controlled spend from an AR? What if there were two ARs assigned to an investment program position, one was approved and one yet to be approved - how would the plan values be rolled up of the approved AR and not the unapproved one?

Is there something key in the process I am missing?