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Aug 30, 2018 at 08:17 AM

ERROR - xmlrpc call Connection.getError() failed, with code -1

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Hi Streaming-Experts,

I work with a fresh installed version of ESP ( SP12 Rev122 PL16 on Windows ).

What i want to do:

Use existing Projects that read and write to a HANA-DB via ODBC data service.

So i add the data services to the new server in ESP-Studio.

What is my Problem:

It is not possible to discover the data service in Studio. (No error visible)

If I try to start an project with that data services implemented i get the Error "Application wait for status is started, but application current status is not started. CODE 710096"

In the project log this line is present

- InConnection in_stream is invalid: No connection with type db_in for this version of the server.

in_stream is the input stream where the db_in-Adapter is connected to.

in the node log this line is present.

-ERROR - xmlrpc call Connection.getError() failed, with code -1

Without more information.

At the moment I run out of ideas where to look.

The OCBC-Connection in Windows is working fine. Test connections can be opened.