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Jul 08, 2009 at 01:22 AM

User mapping in logon ticket not working


Dear Sirs,

(If this category is not suitable, please let me know where I should post)

I have difficulty with user mapping in login ticket.

- What I want to do ...

(1) Logon to Portal(LDA) with User A which has User B in attribute C

(2) Portal issues logon ticket for AS ABAP with User B

(3) Logon to AS ABAP with User B

- Situation

SSO doesn't work. It seems user mapping doesn't work because logon ticket has User A.

- What I did ...


SSO between AS ABAP and AS Java is established and working correctly

LDAP authentication on AS Java is working correctly

(1) Set User B name to attribute C column in LDAP

(2) Set "attribute" to parameter "ume.usermapping.refsys.mapping.type" in AS Java

(3) Assign physical attribute "C" to REFERENCE_SYSTEM_USER at Data Source Definition

(4) Upload updated definition file and restart AS Java

(5) Create User A in LDAP, and create User B in AS ABAP

I don't know why user mapping doesn't replace User A to User B.

Anyone can help me??

My environment

AS ABAP: N4S (NW7.0 Trial version on Linux)

AS Java: CE1 (NW7.11 Rreview version on Windows)

LDAP: Sun Java Directory Server5.2 (DSEE on WIndows)