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Jul 07, 2009 at 11:08 PM

How to connect Xcelsius data to Flex component


I am needing to use dynamic data in my Xcelsius project and also use Flex to create custom components. With the help of Charles Davis and Matt Lloyd I was able to successfully build and deploy a Flex custom component into Xcelsius, however, this component used hard-coded data inside the Flex source to compile the charts. This is not a workable solution for us as we need to be able to use the inherent data in Xcelsius spreadsheets to bind to the custom components we bring into Xcelsius. can I bind the spreadsheet data from Xcelsius to the custom Flex component charts/graphs to create a visualization or population of the graph? Xcelsius graphs are able to use the properties panel to create "titles" and create the data connection, however, my new custom component from Flex does not have this properties panel available. This panel is empty. Is there a way to either create properties to use or enable Xcelsius to bind inherent properties to my custom components?

Please help...I'm a struggling Xcelsius newbie 😊

Alex Dove